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Who are we
and what do we do


Reptail Oy is a manufacturer of innovative and efficient spreaders. Our products are used in many industries, such as building new roads and railways, fixing old roads, land construction, developing infrastructure etc. We provide our clients with high-quality and new innovative ways for mass spreading.


The story of Reptail begins on a road construction site in Central Finland in the early 1990s. Esa Mäntynen, father of our CEO Pasi Mäntynen, worked with his wheel loader at the construction site, spreading the chippings with a loader bucket onto the road structure. While working, Esa began to think of alternatives to the traditional method of work. He thought the work on the loader was too slow and inefficient, so the idea of ​​some sort of spreader began to sprout. 

In the evenings after work, with the help of his children's construction kit, Esa built, a variety of scale models. Little by little, the principle of the device began to be more coherent. The first actual prototype was built in 1992 and the device was granted an international patent in 1993. The final version was completed after some trial and error. The commercial operation of the device was started by a partner in 1993 and the commercial name became MassMaster. Until 2002, the devices were sold mainly to Europe.

Finally, it was decided to restart commercial operations in the name of Esa Mäntynen's company. Esa's son Pasi took charge of the device sales and development. Pasi had 15 years of experience with using the device and had a lot of ideas for further development of the device. The updated device was named Reptail and the lizard in the logo was selected to describe the features of the device. The name Reptail also loosely refers to the English “reptile” lizard. 

In 2019, the business of Reptail was transferred to a company to be established, which, under the leadership of Pasi Mäntynen, focused on equipment development and sales for the full 100%. Today, Reptail Oy serves infrastructure builders on several continents, and operations are constantly being expanded into new areas. The spreader models are also constantly being developed to serve the customers’ needs in different circumstances.

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R E P T A I L  S P R E A D E R S



The key factor of our operation is the unique method and patented spreader Reptail MM. The unique logic and hydraulics of Reptail makes it different compared to conventional mass spreader methods. The cost-efficiency of Reptail MM is sovereign, especially in large projects with a lot of masses to spread. With Reptail MM, you save 50% of your time, use 40% less fuel, and save approximately 20% of material when it comes to conventional mass spreader methods.

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