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R E P T A I L  S P R E A D E R S



Reptail MM is excellent for large operations, like building and maintaining roads, railways, and fields. The capacity and precision of Reptail MM will take the mass spreading to a whole new level.

Innovative solution for mass spreading:

 Working time cut by 50%

 Energy or fuel consumption drops by 40%

Material savings are approximately 20%


compared to conventional methods

Technical information

Automatic tilt control

- Joystick control

- LCD screen

- Own mass of 5300 kg


- Working width: 3,3-4,9 m

(option 3,3-5,5 m)

- Layer thickness: 0 - 400 mm

- Frame telescope: 0 - 500 mm

- Tilt angle; +/- 8 %

Shipping information

Optional features:

- Double wheels for softer platforms

- Ultrasonic controls

- Spreader for geotextiles

- Narrowing for 270 mm width

- Height adjustment parts: 200 - 550 mm

- Package size: 3490 x 2980 x 1350 mm

- Fits normal transport when standing

- The typical delivery time is 8 weeks


Railway construction site

Working as a road grader

Geotextile application while mass is spread

Grading and road creation

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